Do you own a Border Collie?

Are you involved in or interested in any of the below activities?

imagebanner*Showing       *Herding        *Agility             *Jumping      *Dancing with Dogs
*Tracking      *Flyball            *Obedience     *Search & Rescue

Then why not become a member of the Border Collie Club of QLD?  You will receive a monthly copy of Busy Borders our club’s newsletter.  You can attend monthly meetings and ‘have your say’ about the future of the breed and make positive steps to improve a club that is on the rise.  You will get discounted entry fees for club events and most importantly be a part of a club that is involved in the betterment of the breed we all love the Border Collie.  The more members we get from a variety of back grounds, the better this club can run.  We need you!

 Click Here to down load the 2015 Membership Form