Code Of Conduct

The Border Collie Club of Queensland Inc.
Code of Conduct

  1. The age of breeding stock must be over 12 months at the time of the mating.
  2. Both parents should be DNA tested for Ceriod Lipofuscinosis (CL), Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS) and Collie Eye Anomoly (CEA), or themselves be the progeny of two DNA tested CLEAR parents. Both parents should also be hip x-rayed and scored prior to breeding.
  3. To claim clear by parentage status (for CL, TNS & CEA) you must have verified parentage via DNA parentage verification testing.
  4. The mating combination should not result in affected offspring. eg. acceptable DNA combinations are (Clear to Clear) or (Clear to Carrier).
  5. Breeders must supply photocopies of all testing results for both sire and dam with each pup.
  6. Breeders must supply publication on CL, TNS, Hip Dysplasia (HD), CEA, general care, feeding, worming and vaccination to all persons acquiring a dog from them.
  7. If listing litters/puppies for sale with the club, members will abide by the Border Collie Club of Qld. Inc. for listing litters/puppies.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with by the Management Committee according to the provisions under the Constitution.